Retail Winner

Over the past several months, I have been visiting the best malls in the biggest cities looking for a retail winner in brick and mortar stores.

While I found some interesting brands in my travels, I must say I am very impressed with Lane Bryant’s newest store location in Columbus Ohio at Easton Gateway. They are a retail winner!! I found myself wishing I could wear the clothing and lingerie assortment!

I was wowed by the Personal Stylist who was working when I was there. Her own style, from head to toe, was impeccable. She is so sweet and I just wanted her to style me!

From an operational perspective I noticed three things that make me realize just how much they understand their customer and the rapidly evolving retail experience that she expects.

Why are they a retail winner?

1) Styling Services – this is a free service that can be done just walking into the store and engaging one of their expert stylists or you can schedule an appointment 30 min/60 min/90 min and its all free. They want to get to know you, your lifestyle and what is already in your closet. Then they work to complement what you have, create an entire new wardrobe or just a new outfit. Whatever you need, they will meet you right where you are.

2) Comfort – There are fans in every fitting room! Crystal chandeliers with fans! Thank you LB for understanding!

3) Convenience – There is a separate register back near the fitting room. It is where you go to pick up an order you had shipped to the store. You can try it on and if you need a different size or want to order something else, you can do it at this register…no waiting in another line at the cash wrap.

Check out this retail winner!

This is not a sponsored post. When I see a retail brick and mortar store who gets it and is working hard to meet customers right where they are, I have to talk about it.

If you wear plus size, you owe it to yourself to check out this new store and this iconic brand. Nothing you buy online will replace the warm and engaging experience you will receive in the store. You will leave this store feeling like the best version of yourself. In today’s world, that is hard to come by.

Well done Lane Bryant. Keep it up.

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