Building Trust and Empathy with your Customers

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I know, I know, stores are all closed so why am I posting content about building trust and empathy with your customers? Listen when I say this…this current situation is temporary! I promise! Stores will reopen and when they do, we need to be sharp and ready.

Last week I had the good fortune of recording a podcast with Saira Sethi. Saira and I have a lot in common, from her intense love of retail to her passion for luxury brands. We met through our mutual friend Ron Thurston after his podcast was published. She reached out to me to share her wonderful retail story and I knew she would be a wonderful podcast guest.

During the recording of this podcast, Building Trust and Empathy with your Customers, I learned so much and I know you will too. Saira is a Store evaluator (think secret shopper) and evaluates the in-store experiences for luxury retail brands. You will love her perspective on receiving constructive feedback and how to train your team to build relationships with your customers. This is gold dust! I don’t want to give away any more content so just click here and listen!

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Now is the time to prepare yourself for when stores reopen. I expect this next hour of listening might be the best you have had this week!

Enjoy the listen,

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