S02E20: Get Hired SOON with Meghan Houle

Today’s Guest

Meghan Houle

Website:  bowermangroup.com

In this podcast, Meghan shares her vast experience in matching people to the right companies.  She openly shares the layoff challenges that she experienced not once, but twice and provides action steps you can take now to confidently land your next role.  

She has a heart for retail and is here to help others impacted by the recent retail downturn to come out the other side in an even better role than before!


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Key Take-aways

  • 3 Steps to take Now 
  •  Get LinkedIn profile updated to include a professional photo, the jobs, skills current contact information and bio to make it easy for recruiters to learn about and contact you.
  • Leverage your network. Research companies that interest you.  Connect with people you know who might be able to introduce you to someone within the company. Be resourceful.  
  • Learn new skills.  Don’t stop learning.

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