S03E25: It’s Not The Store, It’s The Staff – Why Retail Store Teams will become the Social Sellers. With Tristan Rogers

Today’s Guest

Tristan Rogers

Website:  https://concreteplatform.com

Tristan Rogers is the Founder and CEO of Concrete.  Concrete Retail Cloud is the leading provider in the retail industry for task management, custom – branded intranets and store visit forms.  The most remarkable component of Concrete is their focus on Store Associates and their ability to deliver education, feedback loops and measure the associates performance giving retailers the information they need to truly know how teams are performing.

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Key Take-aways

  • COVID required a shift from store communication to staff communication
  • Concrete’s mission:  “Be in the pocket of every associate”
  • Concrete built a platform for retailers during COVID that would allow them to engage every associate
  • Landlords and Brands have to collaborate
  • “It takes a long time to move this slowly”
  • The future of retail is in the hands of the sales associates

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