Liberty Remodeling Showroom is OPEN!

The LIberty Remodeling Showroom is now open in Springfield, Ohio. Levi Duncan is the owner. He is a 21 year military veteran and active duty Space Force Officer. Levi had a vision of what his side remodeling business could become. He envisioned a showroom where his clients could select their kitchen and bathroom finishes. A business who believes the experience is as important as the final outcome. On Friday, July 1, that dream came true.

My summer has been busy helping clients get their new retail locations open. The adrenaline that gets us to opening day continues post opening as I memorialize the experience in a blog. Levi has been an amazing client and I am honored to have been part of the Liberty journey.

Levi Duncan

Levi and Meghan Duncan at the Ribbon Cutting on July 1, 2022.

The Journey.

Levi’s journey began mid-Covid when he started doing handyman work on the side. He quickly realized that there was a true need for customer-focused handyman service providers. Customers didn’t want that much. They wanted someone who promptly returned calls, treated them with respect and completed superior work. Before long, he had more work than he could manage and he hired a team to take on the work that was flowing in. Liberty Remodeling was born.

Levi tells a funny story of when they first started, they had to store supplies in his garage. Living in the country, of course, he has chickens. His chickens were walking on their materials, leaving droppings and his business partner Patrick said, “We have to find a building. We can’t have chickens pooping on our materials.” I laughed out loud when I heard this story!

Levi found a building on the south side of Springfield on Snyder St. and bought it. Before long, he realized that he had more space than he needed. Levi wondered what would happen if he built a showroom where customers could select finishes for their kitchen and bath remodels. Touch it, feel it, compare options all in a space that was inspiring. Then “do-it-yourselfers” heard about the showroom and wanted to buy their supplies, finishes and flooring from Liberty. The showroom wasn’t even open and word was out!

SBDC Helped Make It Happen.

So how does a Captain in the Space Force with 6 children (and a 7th on the way) could go from a dream to reality in less than a year? Enter Rob Alexander and the Springfield SBDC. This organization is committed to helping entrepreneurs in the Springfield community take the right steps to move from dream to reality. From assisting with the business plan to a business loan to attending the ribbon cutting ceremony, Rob and his team are with their clients every step of the way. Levi didn’t pay for the SBDC services. Nor does any client of SBDC. The Springfield SBDC is on a mission and they have great stories to share.

Running Great Stores Role.

Running Great Stores had the fun part of helping Levi turn a vanilla box into a retail showroom. We envisioned every step of the customer journey and ensured the space would accommodate customer needs and wants. This included both the exterior and the interior. On the exterior, we discussed cracked window repairs , painting the exterior a bold color to installing new landscaping. New beautiful signage is on its way but for now, there is a big banner that identifies the space! The interior literally started as a stark white space on Day 1 of planning. By grand opening, there were multiple kitchens built, a wall of surfaces, a huge selection of flooring on display and a feeling throughout that you were in someone’s home.

Building a Dream Team.

At the ribbon cutting ceremony, Levi recognized his team for their contributions and commitment. During my time with Levi, I got to know 2 people who I would love to work alongside every day.

The first is Oscar, Levi’s dad. He is a “get ‘er done” man. Oscar painted the exterior of the building and the day I got there for the ribbon cutting, he hadn’t stopped working. He was mopping every single space in the building from the showroom to the conference room to the coming soon Flooring Center. Oscar has a permanent smile on his face and I can just see how proud he is of Levi and how happy he is to be part of the team.

The second is Holly. I met her about half way through the project. After hearing a lot of amazing things about her, I finally got to meet her. I was wow’d. Holly started as the office manager but quickly became a vital part of the growth of Liberty. She works in the Showroom and supports the remodeling teams, the sales team, and Levi. If something needs to be done, Holly will make sure it happens. She is one of those people who you meet and say to yourself, I wish she could work for me!

Levi has built a remarkable team of people who get the vision and want to be difference makers in their community.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

God and Country.

One of the things I love about the Liberty team is their commitment to God and country. From an opening prayer at the ribbon cutting thanking God for his abundant love to dedicating the business to Him. They are committed to be a company that doesn’t just remodel, but that wants the love of God to shine through. In a “me first” world, it is refreshing to see a company who wants to put others first.

Time to Shop.

If you remodeling your kitchen or bathroom and need cabinets, flooring, countertops, hardware, etc. and want a true personalized experience, skip the big box stores and head to Liberty Remodeling. The showroom is located at 25 Snyder St in Springfield, Ohio. Call (937) 350-1333 to learn more or stop by and get ideas for your next flooring or kitchen and bath remodeling job. Tell them Rachel sent you!

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