Where Did All The Gift Boxes Go?

Over the years, more and more retailers have stopped giving away gift boxes at the holidays. It is such a bummer to shop at a favorite brand and then need to make another stop to find a gift box. I recall losing that battle at Justice. I was leading Store Operations and our Finance team notified us that our budget had been reduced resulting in no more gift boxes! And so has gone the way of gift boxes. Foraging for boxes is part of the Christmas shopping journey. A beautifully boxed and wrapped gift elevates the entire experience for the gift giver and the gift receiver.

There are bright spots though. Some retailers understand that the gift box is part of an in-store experience that makes the customer happy. Here is a list of retailers who provide beautiful packaging this holiday. I think they deserve a special callout!

Gift Boxes Provided Here.

The stores listed below are some of my favorite brands who have kept packaging as part of their offering. For this, I am a grateful and loyal customer.

  • J McLaughlin provides gift boxes year-round. They have a new logo and color along with ribbon to tie a beautiful bow.
  • Jo Malone London also provides gift packaging year-round. High quality boxes and bows that match the brand aesthetic.
  • Kate Spade boxes are their gorgeous green! So fantastic. Almost as beautiful as what is inside the box!
  • Gucci of course has exquisite loden green boxes and ribbon. Make a purchase and the gift comes is boxed and bagged before it is handed to you.
  • Louis Vuitton does the same. It is expected at this luxury price point.
  • Nordstroms always has their infamous silver box with a band that slides over it. When you see that box, you just know where your gift is from.
  • Banana Republic offers gift boxes this year! Great to see they are aligning with their recent re-branding.
  • Anthropologie always has super cool gift boxes. They look like a piece of art but it is going in the bag and you will have to gift box yourself.
  • JCrew- so proud of this brand and the beautiful boxes and bags again this holiday!
  • BBW offers boxes for the 3 wick candle now and year round has cello bags for fun packaging!

There is always the necessary disclaimer that as we get closer to the various holidays, they could run out of boxes.

Where to Buy Gift Boxes.

Stores like Container Store benefit from this turnabout and other stores like Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby all sell plain white or holiday themed gift boxes.

Gift Wrapping Destinations.

There are stores who will help create that beautifully wrapped gift as well!

  • Paper Source – They offer gift wrap by sheet and will wrap your gift for a nominal fee.
  • Von Maur Department Stores – They still offer FREE gift wrapping of any item you purchase in their store. I love this service!

Wrapping it Up.

I am sure there are more stores who have gift boxes and by no means is this post meant to exclude any retailer!

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