About Me

I’m Rachel Williamson, your retail advisor

About Me

I’m Rachel Williamson,
your retail advisor

My Background

I fell in love with running brick-and-mortar stores as a wide-eyed 16-year-old, and the love affair continues. After dedicating my career to creating superior customer experiences and driving increased sales, I earned a reputation as a collaborative high-performer with the ability to restore troubled projects, divisions, and departments, and I was frequently promoted in recognition of problem-solving and driving results.

I created Running Great Stores to guide brands to retail excellence. I’m passionate about helping my clients run operationally excellent stores that deliver on their brand promise while generating greater revenue.

I offer clients my expertise from years of record-setting performance for multibillion-dollar companies with year-over-year revenue growth. As a powerhouse strategic leader, I design, develop, and implement initiatives alongside my clients and their teams.

My Skills

“Consistency is what transforms average stores into excellent stores.”
– Rachel Williamson

Retail continues to evolve.

Brick-and-mortar retail has proven it remains a significant part of the retail landscape. While e-commerce will continue to be a part of the equation, it is difficult to create an emotional connection through a mobile device. This is why e-commerce retailers are opening stores. Bricks create real engagement opportunities with the customer. When this engagement is done well, customers will come back again and again — and sales soar.

Stay a step ahead of customer expectations.

If you are in retail, no one knows better than you that retail continues to be disrupted. Question is, how are you responding to the disruption and the ever-changing demands of your customers? Do you know where to start? Innovation and technology certainly play a role, but so do operational excellence and customer experience. I am poised and ready to help you evaluate the current state of your stores and create a roadmap that will get you where your customer expects you to be.

Not all retail consultants are created equal.

Expertise, passion, experience, and collaboration are the difference. Together, we can objectively look at your stores and evaluate both the in-store experience and operational execution. This won’t be complicated or painful. It starts with a conversation. Take the first step and let’s chat. The conversation is free.