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Reimagine your customer experience and store operations.

“You have real skills in organizational enablement and this meeting was another shining example of your talent. We are lucky to have you on our team.”

– Rob DeMartini, CEO, Purple

I am passionately customer-focused and hold the keys to strong store execution in the “next” normal of brick and mortar. My retail expertise and “fresh eyes” are just what you need to overcome your challenges.

Hand in hand with retail executives, I work to evaluate current store operations and develop strategies that streamline how stores operate, resulting in excellent customer experiences and top-line sales.

I listen. Understanding your vision and goals is essential, and my capabilities provide the solutions to achieving success.

My Capabilities
Customer Experience Excellence
Evaluate Selling Model/Customer Experience
    • Beginning from initial customer contact, I help retailers map the customer experience through all its stages. By understanding what customers say, I will connect their experience to in-store behaviors.
Customer Experience Training
    • After mapping the customer experience, I will refine how store associates are scheduled, trained, how their engagement with customers drives conversion, and how technology might benefit the overall experience.
Store Operations Excellence

Store Visits with CEO/Head of Stores

    • Seeing your store firsthand is tremendously valuable. Side by side with you on a walkthrough, I will provide an objective evaluation with insights only an expert can offer.

Store Operations Audit/Review

    • Excellent store operations are essential for becoming a best-in-class store. To help you get there, I’ll take a deep dive into your systems and processes, identify problem areas, and formulate practical solutions that are easy to implement. No matter what your hurdles are — from inefficient processes to bankruptcy reorganization — approaching them with a new way of thinking will put you on the path to success.​

District Manager Effectiveness

    • Your business needs to be supported by your people, empowered with the tools for retail success. I work with district managers to give them the training and insights necessary to run your stores more efficiently and successfully.
Rachel Williamson Retail Consultant Ohio

My Specialties

Corporate Retail

Working with the CEO and Head of Stores, I bring “fresh eyes” to identify and help overcome challenges. I listen to understand your vision and goals. On a store visit together, I will provide an objective, expert perspective on the customer experience. Working collaboratively, we will formulate an easy-to-implement plan. It is about identifying customer pain points and crafting a solution that promotes loyalty and drives sales.

Bankruptcy Reorganization

Even the best brands can still run into adversity. When that happens, having someone with a history of creative problem-solving in restoring troubled projects, divisions, and departments is key. This is where I come in. As your partner, I can expertly evaluate your store operations, get things done, and help put you back on solid footing.


If you run an e-commerce business and are thinking about entering the brick and mortar space, I can help you operate a best-in-class store. My expertise and customizable Retail Playbook will empower you to make a successful transition from clicks to bricks!

Boutique Owners

Do you run a small business and want the same operationally excellent processes the most successful big retailers use? I bring proven store operations expertise from multibillion-dollar companies direct to your business.


Are you ready to franchise your business but require bulletproof operational processes that ensure franchises adhere to brand standards? My store operations excellence will set you on the path to success.
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