Guides and Checklists

Loads of resources for you with more being added all the time!


Guides and Checklists

Loads of resources for you with more being added all the time! 

Post Peak Cleanup Checklist 

After a busy holiday, it is time to complete a thorough store cleanup! This checklist can be printed off or used digitally as it is a “fillable pdf” format.

Delegation Self-Assessment

Effectively leading requires effectively delegating.  Take this assessment and find out just how good you are at delegating!

Customer Experience Assessment

Creating Wow Customer Experiences relies on the entire management team’s commitment to executing the 3 F’s.  Use this template to easily assess your team.

Business Review

Looking for an easy way to evaluate your sales results from last week?  Download this tool.  It is easy to use and will help you think through your sales results so you can move from insight to action.  Without action, it is difficult to see changes in your business.  

Customer Touchpoints 

Have you ever thought about the different customer touchpoint within your stores and how your associates respond to the customer in each of these touchpoints?  Take a look at this map…and then think about the experience inside your four walls!  

Strategize your New Normal 

The transition to the COVID-19 shut down of our world was an enormous change for all of us.  There is no reason to believe the transition to the world opening up again won’t be just as full of change. Checkout this template, full of thought-starters on how to move forward to your new normal…for your family, your team, your customer and yourself.

Recruiting Log

A recruiting log is an easy way to keep track of your contacts in your center or market.

Stop, Start, Continue Exercise

This Stop, Start, Continue exercise will guide you through this simple assessment of your personal and professional life. Pick one or the other or complete both. Once you have your lists created, it is time to prioritize and put a plan in place. Good luck!

2019 Reflection Exercise (Personal and your Store!)

While we are starting 2020, it’s great to reflect back. I have created two separate quick reflections. One is all about your personal reflection on 2019 and the other is focused on reflecting on your store!

Are you a Complainer? Assessment

Spend 5 minutes taking this assessment and see if you are a complainer. Remember, no matter what the result is of this quiz, YOU determine how you react to situations! You can take simple steps to stop being a complainer today. (I have!)

Prep Checklist

Completing a prep checklist on your store is a vital step in getting ready for a peak day, like Black Friday. Download the prep checklist below!

Action Verbs for Resume Writing

Writing or updating a resume is easier if you have action verbs at your finger tips. This list of verbs is organized by the type of action you are describing.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is your “go-to” tool when you want to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of how your store operates.

Career Planning

The career planning tool will guide how you think about your career by evaluating your past, present and future “you”.

Personal Branding 101

Everyone has a personal brand. The question is – is it the brand you want? This template will guide you through the key steps of having the personal brand you want!