Store Operations System (S.O.S)

How to achieve success in retail and run a best-in-class brick and mortar store.


Retail Success Toolkit

How to achieve success in retail with a best-in-class brick and mortar store.

Benefits of the Store Operations Retail Platform

The Store Operations Retail Platform provides the framework to run an operationally excellent store that delivers consistent customer experiences and drives top line sales.

These repeatable processes will help every part of your business thrive.

Give your stores an advantage by using a best-in-class operating system that will allow you to:
- Hire / train top talent
- Create a culture of customer centricity
- Run operationally excellent stores
- Provide teams with the best tools and education
- Deliver sustainable results

Who Needs the Store Operations Retail Platform?
Every retail brand who wants to deliver sustainable results needs the platform!
- Emerging brands who need to grow fast
- D2C companies who are expanding to Brick and Mortar
- Small boutiques who realize the need for operational structure - Retail stores who want to franchise their brand and need best-in-class operational standards and processes

Which Category Best Describes your Organization?

The RGS Retail Platform has several options for implementation, all with varying degrees of cost. We give you what you need, and nothing you don't.



Use the Store Operations Retail Platform as is with no customization required.

Established & Growing

Lite Customization

Blend your brands current processes into the Store Operations Retail Platform. This is popular with brands who are expanding and recognize the need for a robust store operating system.

Dominating & Expanding

Full Customization

Includes full customization of the Store Operations Retail Platform along with partnership with Rachel’s exclusive
experts for Traffic Counters, Communication, POS  and Labor Scheduling.

Why This System Exists

No one can deny that retail is a tough business and continues to be disrupted as customers have a new set of expectations that retailers must meet. Making changes to how you run your store is a "do or die" situation. Operational discipline is more critical than ever.

That is where we come in. The Store Operations Retail Platform lays the groundwork for how to effectively operate a brick and mortar store.

It is organized into bitesize micro-training for easy application and can be customized to fill the gaps in how your store operates.
Store Operations Retail Platform includes:


Knowledge Checks
Success in Retail
Success in Retail
Success in Retail
How to be Successful in Retail

The Details


These are the "soft skills" required to ensure only the best talent is hired, trained and retained.


Think of this as the day-in day-out running of your store. From business acumen to planning and prioritizing tasks, to workforce management and merchandise flow, these are the processes you need to execute flawlessly and create unparalleled customer experiences.


Close your eyes and think about your brand...the beautiful visual execution, your brand's story and the real experiences created to make each customer fall in love with your brand every time they walk through the door. We will help you create your story or take your current brand and implement it into micro-training that delivers consistent training resulting in consistent experiences.

You Know Your Brand Best

We will partner with you to evaluate how your store operates today, listen to your concerns and goals and customize the Retail Platform to meet your needs today and in the future.
Store Operations System - Win at Retail
If you are new to brick and mortar, our Store Operations Retail Platform is just what you need to build a best-in-class retail operation that will deliver superior customer experiences resulting in top and bottom line sales.

Join the other retailers using the Store Operations Retail Platform and leave your competition behind!