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“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”.  JFK

If you work in retail, you are thinking about the retail strategies needed to get your store successfully reopened and operating after the COVID shutdown. I love this quote from John F. Kennedy.  I feel like it sums up what we are facing right now.  Our efforts and courage aren’t enough.  We must have purpose and direction as we plan to re-open our stores and get to our next normal.   

This past week, we hosted a live webinar called ‘The Retail Comeback: Strategies to Prepare your Store to Reopen’. The content was created with retail field leaders and boutique owners in mind.  While we had a full house, we recorded it so that we could offer the playback (free of charge, of course) to you!

  • Module 1: The Importance of our Actions
  • Module 2: What Customers Expect
  • Module 3: What is a Success Mindset
  • Module 4: Reopening Strategies (People, Financials, Operations and Brand)

The presentation is color coded by module so it will be easy to forward to whichever topic is most interesting to you or you can watch the full video!  

I am so grateful to Bob and Marci for lending their expertise for this webinar.  See more information about these two superstars below. 

Meet Rachel Williamson
Founder of Running Great Stores; Strategic Retail Consultant

Rachel Williamson is passionate about guiding retailers to deliver consistently outstanding customer experiences and operationally excellent stores that deliver top line results.  She has created a proprietary retail operating system that retailers can use to have best-in-class store operations. To learn more, visit

Meet Bob Hammond
Co-Founder of Matrix Retail

Bob Hammond is committed to providing retailers with a labor optimization solution that specializes in activity based scheduling.  Their mission is to help their retail partners be successful by realizing the full strategic power of their workforce.

Meet Marci Milito
Retail Communication Strategist and Store Operations Expert

Marci leads Global Communication & Store Operations for LaSenza, an international lingerie brand.  Marci believes that communication is the heartbeat of an organization and the foundation of its culture.  Done well, it is the key to shifting mindset, inspiring action and delivering results. 

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