S02E15: Turn Inventory Overwhelm into Profit

Today’s Guest

Darlene Y. Mitchell

Website:  Darlene Y. Mitchell

In this podcast, Darlene shares her love for retail and her passion for guiding retail boutique owners to be successful by turning inventory overwhelm into profit and cash flow. While Darlene owns her own consulting firm, she has also joined DeAnna McIntosh in starting Retailing Evolved, a social network, business strategy team, learning platform and business accelerator all rolled into one.  For more information on how Darlene can help your business’s inventory management, reach out to her on Instagram @darlene_y_mitchell.  


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Key Take-aways

  • Every retailer has to have a sales plan
  • Leveraging her services will likely be self funded because she will help you find expenses that can be addressed!
  • The future of retail are independent retailers!  People want a sense of community.  
  • You don’t have to figure this out alone!  Darlene will help you evaluate your business post-covid and recommend how to move forward profitably.
  • Retailing Evolved is a great resource for small retail businesses
    • Accelerator Program – great place to learn the fundamentals
    • Community – learn advanced strategies
    • Multiple membership levels available
  • Contact Darlene at @darlene_y_mitchell on Instagram

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