S02E19: Popup-Pros Retail with Shannon Kruse

Today’s Guest

Shannon Kruse

Website: popup-pros.com

Shannon Kruse owns Popup-Pros, a consulting group that enables retailers to open popup shops around the globe.  Whether you know exactly the popup shop you want or require an expert to help you create the strategy, Shannon has this super power and will guide you.  This podcast is filled with positivity and energy on what retail looks like now and into the future.  Enjoy the listen!


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Key Take-aways

  • Popup-Pros will help you get clear on your goals and objectives
  • They will build a curated plan that aligns with your goals
  • Shannon’s super power is to help you get your popup shop open!
  • The most important thing is to KNOW YOUR GOAL!  

Resources Mentioned

  • popup-pros.com
  • email:  shannon@popup-pros.com
  • LinkedIn:  Shannon Sweeney Kruse
  • Instagram: Shannon.sweeney.kruse
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