What is your WORD for 2020?

One Word

Several years ago, I read a book called One Word, by Jon Gordon. This book, like many of Jon’s books, was simple to read, understand and apply. If you haven’t read it, click here and buy it. Best $10 you will spend. (#affiliate)

It’s a Game Changer

At the time, I was the Vice President of Store Operations at Justice and working with arguably the best team I have ever had the privilege to lead. I shared the book with the team and we all picked a word that meant something to us for the year. It was a game changer for sure. We grew as a team, as individuals and the output was superior.

People within the organization recognized our achievements and asked me what we were doing and if I could share it with their team. I went to their office and spoke to 60 people about choosing one word that they would stand for that year. The group loved it and my next visit to their office, every single associate had selected a word and it was hanging in their cubicle space. Leadership is contagious and needless to say, I have continued this practice. In place of New Years resolutions, I select a word for the year.

My Word is…

This year is no different. With the significant changes I have experienced over the past several months, I decided my word for 2020 is “FEARLESS”. Change is not only scary but can be overwhelming. It can cause us to freeze in our tracks, afraid to take the next step. I am going to lead by example this year. I am going to take chances, try new things and be fearless in doing so. It doesn’t mean everything I do will be right or will lead to alarming success. It does mean I will not let fear hold me back!

What about you?

Are you leading a store team? Do you have a vision for how your store is going to run this year? Is your team clear on their role in this vision? A one word vision is a great way to get your team behind you, pointed in the right direction to deliver remarkable experiences or operational excellence or growth in your sales results. Whatever your goal is, selecting one word might be just what you need to start moving you in that direction.

Time to Jump In

Are you with me? Pick a word and email it to me. Let’s be partners in living our word this year. To learn more about One Word, get Jon’s book. Quick read and life changing.

I would love to hear what your word is! Email me or leave a comment below! If you want to chat about where you are headed in 2020, I am here to help.

With Joy,


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