S03E22: Navigating Career, Business and Life with Meghan Houle

Today’s Guest

Meghan Houle

Website:  www.meghanhoule.com

In this podcast, Meghan shares strategies for navigating a new career in this challenging market. With the launch of the Meghan Houle Method, she has become a “one stop shop” for all things related to your career.  She is a recruiter with Bowerman Group and specializes in retail, offers private and group coaching sessions to help you navigate your career, business and life.

She is offering the first 10 listeners a free 90 minute group consultation so email her today!

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Key Take-aways

  •  Finding a new career is a full time job.  
  • You have to feel good to do good!
  • Leverage your network.
  • Elevator pitch/bio ready.
  • Consistency is crucial.

Resources Mentioned

  • https://www.meghanhoule.com
  • LinkedIn #meghanhoule or Bowerman Group
  • Email:  meghan@meghanhoule.com
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