S03E23: Power of Connections with Melissa Latham

Today’s Guest

Melissa Latham

Website:  https://www.grnlowcountry.com

Melissa is the president and managing director of Global Recruiters Lowcountry based in Charleston, South Carolina.  As a senior retail executive for more than 3 decades, Melissa has an extensive background and expertise in leading both domestic and international businesses.  She has held store level multi-unit and ultimately corporate strategic leadership roles including leading entire business units.

In this podcast, Melissa shares her retail journey and how she pivoted careers to still serve the industry she loves most – RETAIL.  If you find yourself in transition, reach out to Melissa via LinkedIn.  

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Key Take-aways

  •  Connect:  Be intentional about finding people to connect with
  • Make 2 friends a day
  • Connections lead to other connections
  • #retailrelationships – leverage your network
  • Benefits of an active network
  • Be a talent magnet

Resources Mentioned

  • www.grnlowcountry.com
  • email: mlatham@grnlowcountry.com
  • phone: 847-469-4500
  • LinkedIn #MelissaLatham
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