S03E24: Reaching your Leadership Potential with Scott Galloway

Today’s Guest

Scott Galloway

Website:  https://www.gallowayresourcepartners.com

Scott Galloway owns Galloway Resource Partners, a consulting firm that connects people to the talent and resources they need providing executive recruiting, fractional work, contract staffing, coaching and business advisory services. 

In this podcast, Scott shares the 5 action steps that all leaders should take to reach their leadership potential.  It is a must listen whether you are new to leadership or a seasoned leader.    

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Key Take-aways

  • 5 Action Steps to Grow your Leadership
  • Leadership is a life long journey.
  • The leader of today and tomorrow is not a career ladder climber.  They are building career ladders for others.  
  • Be a ladder builder not a ladder climber.  
  • Everyone has the ability to do this and can start today!

Resources Mentioned

  • website: www.gallowayresourcepartners.com
  • email: scott@gallowayresourcepartners.com
  • LinkedIn: #ScottGalloway
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