Unexpected Journey from Banker to Fashion Designer.

Meet Xantha.

This post is about Xantha who made the unexpected journey from banker to fashion designer. Xantha is a WIFE, MOM, SHOPKEEPER, JEWELRY MAKER, FASHION DESIGNER, and ENTREPRENEUR. I had the privilege of meeting Xantha at her boutique, Xantha W Couturiere on 631 South Hamilton Road.

It Wasn’t Always Easy.

Xantha hasn’t always had this success.  Her story is both uplifting and inspiring. As a mom of one daughter, Destiny, Xantha worked hard to provide.  She had a dream in be a fashion designer and amidst the odds, started small with a line called Getto Blues. 

Xantha worked at a bank during the day and then sewed into the night.  She went to thrift stores to buy denim which she used to create the Getto Blues collection.  Xantha was creating sustainable fashion long before anyone knew what sustainable fashion was.  Xantha sold her designs at flea markets, festivals, and shows, selling out every time.  Her focus to continue to learn and improve her fashion design led her to attend classes at CCAD.  Not everyone believed in Xantha’s talent.  But she proved them all wrong. 

Rags to Riches.

Getto Blues was Xantha’s claim to fame and allowed her to launch her fashion designer career.

Now she creates two collections a year.  Xantha offers Image Consulting where she will help clients spice up their existing wardrobe or create a one of a kind design for an important event.  Xantha also creates unique jewelry and bags along with custom apparel designs.  Her shop is open by appointment so that she can provide each client a personalized experience.

Xantha has never forgotten her roots and shares her ‘rags to riches’ story with pride.  It didn’t just happen.  She worked hard and her faith played a role in getting her to where she is today. 

Family Success.

When you ask her about Destiny, she lights up like a Christmas tree and shares her daughter’s success story.  The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.  Destiny owns a brow bar in Bexley, Ohio. It is called The Browtique and is located at 543 South Drexel Ave.

Dreams do come true and they take a lot of perseverance and hard work.  Xantha is the picture of both.  Follow Xantha on Facebook and Instagram for her latest collection.  To make an appointment, email her at xanthadesigns@gmail.com or call her at 614-774-9310. 

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