S02E17: Life of a Store Manager: Cody Stockton

Today’s Guest

Cody Stockton:  Life of a Store Manager

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Cody is the Store Manager of a Le Creuset shop in Orlando, Florida.  I love his determination to keep his team and customers safe while creating remarkable and creative customer experiences.  From zoom happy hours to private shopping events, Cody will do what it takes to meet customers where they are during this re-entry period.  

Cody has learned how to make the “uncomfortable, comfortable” for everyone and will inspire you to do the same.  

Cody shares his passion for successfully navigating retail during this time.  I know you will love his story.


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Key Take-aways

  • During this COVID-19 re-entry period, the store manager’s job is to make the “uncomfortable, comfortable” for both associates and customers
  • Teamwork makes the dream work!   Together, anything can be accomplished
  • Be creative and meet customers where they are; come up with unique ways to achieve sales even on low traffic
  • Put your team’s safety above all else and don’t be afraid to remind customers that masks are necessary to shop your brand
  • Free Shipping and big sales so now is a great time to shop Le Creuset

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